The impact of AR and VR on the video game industry

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In the era of a fast-paced world, the video game industry is rapidly growing with the most advanced technologies that have become the reason for the massive craze for playing digital games nowadays. Do you know the most striking fact about digital gaming that, why people blindly go for it, to experience the amusement and excitement of the next level.

In addition, the latest video games are highly appealing due to their newest and most advanced eye-catching features that are quite user-centric, which is why gamers chase for the upcoming trending games to play and gain the pinnacle of enjoyment.


Moreover, there are cascades of video games that are genuinely booming in the market, such as PUBG, Fortnite, Elden Ring, etc. These games are ruling over the hearts today with their top visual qualities and special effects that grab players’ attention very quickly.


Modern games swap the traditional trend of gaming and raise the craze of playing online video games among people who are extremely passionate about experiencing and adventuring new games that kick their thrill and excitement level up. But, more to this, the video game industry has stood up with something inspiring and very interesting for all game lovers to explore the most realistic fun in gaming, that is, “Augmented reality and Virtual reality” games.


Augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR) games with mesmerizing visuals and graphical effects give you the fun of the next level. It is no surprise that upgraded technology has done various innovative creations, especially in the gaming area, to intensify the mania of video games among gamers.


People who are more passionate about playing unique and instigating games ardently wait for the launch of the latest video games. And these AR and VR games excite them the most due to their marvelous and natural visual effects.



Impact of Virtual Reality on gaming


If we simply talk about the earlier trend of gaming, it signifies only a plain interaction between the user or gamer and the gaming system on which they use to play video games. Howsoever, the upturn in modern gaming technologies cranking up the madness of the latest video games among the audience. With an upgradation in technologies (3D effects), the gaming industry has sprung up, introducing a tremendous level of fun from “virtual reality games (VR).”


VR contains compelling visuals in games to boost the thrill of gamers while playing. Thus, the ultimate and realistic effects give rise to the hyper-involvement of players in the games.
It is known that game lovers use to chase those video games that make them feel excited and revive them to experience the greatest enjoyment that they can get from virtual reality games such as Beat Saber, Cloudlands VR Minigolf, etc.


Moreover, VR games help players to drag into a fantasy world full of real-life experiences and adventures that gear up their caliber and continue playing the same game for a long time. As VR games create a simulation of an artificial environment that hikes up gamers’ joy to the extreme level. Thus people are highly enjoying playing VR games with a specialized headset that enables them to visualize gaming characters conspicuously, resulting in the increment of the charm of VR gaming. Talking about the insights of the VR gaming market, it is expected to uplift the annual growth rate of VR games of 30.2% from the year 2020 to 2027, so that attainment of USD 92.31 billion by 2027 can be achieved.

Explore some exciting VR games


While playing the best VR games which are highly appealing and engrossing, players feel super-curious about the upcoming virtual visual effects that kick their enthusiasm hugely. The most astonishing visions grab gamers’ attention, and this is why virtual gaming charm is getting intensified among game lovers. Some well-liked VR games that people relish are as follows;


  • Beat Saber: It is a musical rhythmic VR game that hikes up the players’ fun to a greater level


  • Moss: A fascinating game with a unique tale of action-adventure puzzles in the magical world with gripping characters and inspiring combat.


  • Catan VR: The most suitable board game modified into a VR system resulting in an exceeding level of its craze and fun. Players greatly enjoy this game, especially those who are board game lovers.


  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR: Experiencing Skyrim in the virtual form is something that takes you in the stage of high gear of fun and which is why this game has become extremely popular and favorable as well in such a short time.


  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission: The greatest level of entertainment that players can experience is from this game, in which exciting animated characters grab players’ focus entirely and make them feel that they are inhabiting an imaginary world.


Impact of Augmented Reality on gaming

We have already talked much about VR games, but more to this, augmented reality (AR) games are the best option for gamers to gain extreme gladness after experiencing something enjoyable and creative in gaming.

The AR games such as Pokemon Go, Batman Bat-Tech Edition, etc., create a real-time artificial environment of gaming that upsurges users’ entertainment. Thus in this gaming system, players feel a next-grade zest due to the hi-tech 3D effects in the visuals appearing in their real-time environment.


Moreover, augmented reality games are available on any portable device, for example, touchscreen mobile phones, which is the essential equipment that is present in everybody’s pocket today. So, due to the higher convenience of playing the incredible latest video games anywhere at any time with massively advanced technologies, gamers prefer this AR gaming to experience the fun of real-world games.


Furthermore, AR games are a complete package of jollification that clubs the top-tier visual effects along with the audio content to trigger the thrill of gamers and make the gaming more compelling. If we draw a concern over the AR gaming market, it was observed at USD 4.5 Billion in the year 2020 and which is predicted to attain USD 31.7 Billion by the year 2028. It signifies how immensely AR games are growing in the market with an optimal futuristic scope.


Explore some exciting AR games


It is no surprise that the latest video games are stealing the attention of gamers to the extreme, but what if, in gaming, the mingling of users’ real-time and entertainment co-occur? It will give a tremendous level of fun to players and make them even more amused. Howsoever, the various appealing AR games that people eager to play are as follows, let’s take a closer look at them;


  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: The Niantic new game with superior real-world experiences allows players to grab some objects, place them accordingly and play with the characters. Blimey, how exciting it sounds! Players feel they are fighting with the real wizards giving them the fun of higher gear.


  • Egg, Inc: Egg, Inc is the most feasible game to play with a creative effort of building a farm and collecting eggs.


  • Jurassic World Alive: The game of thrill and entertainment that players, which includes a collection of dinosaurs and fighting with the other player. Meanwhile, they can build another dinosaur that is a hybrid of it. Such kind of real-world games relishes gamers a lot.


  • Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go is a wonderful RPG mobile game that gamers can ever experience. Still, it is booming in the gaming world, and players are curious to play this game due to the rejoicing features present in it. The game includes catching of Pokemon to collect them and battle with the other players online.


  • Ingress Prime: One of the most kicking AR games accessible on Android grabbing games’ attention speedily due to its highest visual effects and storyline, which includes the battle of one with the other players through portals available in the game.


With such noteworthy facts about AR and VR games, we can now easily switch to real-world gaming in an artificial environment that gives us immense enjoyment and fun of higher grades. If we consider all these augmented reality games and virtual reality games, we will find that AR and VR games are futuristic sources of gaming due to their massive engaging effects and features that give overwhelming entertainment, attracting people the most.

However, other trends in gaming are ranking high, but the vast crowd of gamers today prefer AR and VR games to play and gain enjoyment from realistic visuals and sounds.


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